Graduate Training

We provide training in clinical research to graduate students in psychology, social work, and allied disciplines at the University of Michigan. If you are currently a graduate student at the University of Michigan and would like to join our lab, please contact Dr. Lopez-Duran for more information. Please visit our staff page for a list of our current graduate students.

Prospective Graduate Students:

Dr. Lopez-Duran will not be considering new graduate students during the upcoming admissions cycle (December 2018 applications for 2019 admissions).

For future cycles, below you can find information about the type of students we seek.

Dr. Lopez-Duran is interested in students who are passionate about psychopathology research and want to pursue a research career in clinical science or clinical neuroscience examining pediatric mood disorders (childhood depression & anxiety). Students who are interested in clinical work (i.e., practice) are not a good match for the laboratory or our program. Therefore, Dr. Lopez-Duran does not accept students who are interested in clinical practice. Competitive students usually will have outstanding GPA (3.5+) and GRE scores (V 160+, Q  151+), very strong scientific writing skills, and a strong interest in clinical research, most often evidenced by completion of an empirical undergraduate research thesis, at least one publication or conference presentation/poster, and/or 1-2 years of experience working in a research laboratory after completing the bachelors degree. If you choose to apply to our program and you are interested in joining Michigan PAL, please make sure you mention this in your cover letter and research statement. In addition, please send Dr. Lopez-Duran an email introducing yourself after submitting your completed application. For more information about our clinical program visit the clinical area website.